Send Parcel

Ship Your Sitegiant Orders

Sitegiant helps Sitegiantusers to ship domestically. It’s free. Pay as you ship

Import your orders

Importing orders enables enterprises to efficiently manage and track their orders

Access to more couriers

More couriers in integrations offer flexibility and efficiency in shipping

Generate air waybills

Generating air waybills in integration simplifies shipping processes and saves time.

Save cost and timee

Integrations save cost and time by streamlining workflows

Bulk shipments

Bulk shipments in integrations improve efficiency and reduce costs

Track your orders

Order tracking in integrations monitors shipments in real-time.

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What can API do?

APIs can provide seller with access to shipment data and functionality allowing them to retrieve, update, and customize shipment information, as well as perform various actions related to shipment tracking and receive notifications for shipments events

Sync Tracking

Sync your store

API store to ensure data synchronization and consistency

Get Notified

Receive notifications during shipment status updates and changes

Real-time Tracking

Monitoring movement and shipments in real-time

Zero Cost

Open-source platforms and tools for free shipment tracking